A blocked drain at home is no fun. It even gets worse when you have visitors over at your place. Many people have their plumber ready on call whenever their services are needed. These plumbers deal with the most horrible smells from the drains to blocked sinks and whatnots. However, some tasks are built for general plumbers and blocked drain plumbers.

Differentiating a general plumber from a blocked drains plumber Canberra

A general plumber in Canberra mainly fixes leaking taps and the hot water system and also comes during installations. These are tasks that they are well accustomed to, and they can perform them without breaking a sweat. A drainage plumber, on the other hand, deals with a whole lot from detecting leaks to unblocking different kinds of drains and repairs.

Getting blocked drains plumber Canberra is quite difficult because most people don’t know where to begin. Also, one may not know whether they require a general plumber or a blocked drains plumber Canberra. Read on as we explain what a blocked drain plumber does and when you need one.

What causes drain blockages?

Oftentimes, roots from trees grow wider in search of moisture and nutrients. When they encounter the drains, they go through them. Since the roots have found water, they settle there and continue to grow thicker. After a while, the overgrown roots block the drains. A good blocked drains plumber Canberra will diagnose the blockage and clear the roots to prevent regrowth.

All the debris and silt that has accumulated in the garden over time can wash into water sumps and cause blockages on the drains.

Some items like toiletries can also block the drains. The main culprits include wipes, nappies, and sanitary items, among others. That is why you should never flush them down.

Oil and fat

Hire Canberra plumber blocked drains

Draining cooking oil down the sink is also not advised. This is because the oil is very viscous, hence it doesn’t flow easily. Once it accumulates and clumps with debris, a blockage occurs.

Calcium and other minerals can accumulate in the pipes, causing constriction. This enables any type of blockage to occur.

Hair also causes blockages in the drains when mixed with other debris.

What does a blocked drains plumber Canberra do to help?

Drains inspection

Once you notice something wrong with the drains, call a blocked drains plumber Canberra immediately. The blocked drains plumber will first inspect the pipes using the contemporary CCTV drains camera technology. This will examine the conditions and detect the issues to advise on the next step. Holes, cracks, and blockages can easily be handled by an experienced blocked drains plumber Canberra.

Cleaning the Drains

Once an issue is detected in the piping system by the blocked drains plumber Canberra, the next step is to clean the drain. They do this by blasting water down the drain at extremely high velocity and pressure to unclog the blockage. The drainage specialist will then check with the CCTV drains camera to ensure the blockage has cleared.

Leak detection

Water leakages lead to heavy bills at the end of the month. Blocked drains plumber Canberra will assess the pipes to detect any issues regarding leaks. They use specialized equipment to determine the presence of leaks and fix the system.

Sewer Drains Unblocking

An unfixed blocked sewer drain can wreak havoc on the whole neighborhood. This can eventually extensively damage your water pipes. A blocked drains plumber Canberra can easily fix the issue to restore the pipes to normal.


If you live in Canberra and its environs, finding a blocked drains plumber is the best option instead of a general plumber. This is because a blocked drains plumber Canberra can do more than temporarily fixing the drain. They go all out to tell you what to do to prevent future blockages, thus helping you live better.