As a client is looking through all of the family lawyers in Sydney that are practicing and promoting themselves to the general public, it can be easy to overlook what assets should be prioritised over others.


During a time of distress, high emotion and anxiety where it can be difficult to remain cognisant of the facts, you should carefully think about what characteristics and qualifications from previous case studies will work in your favour.


These professionals are at their best during a divorce or custody battle where the care of the children or the ownership of property or assets becomes paramount for the individual in question.


Whether you are based in Blacktown or Bondi, Manly or Mascot, there are some fundamental features that will separate the decent family lawyers in Sydney from the great ones, so try to find out which you are seeing early.


Naturally there will be a sliding scale when it comes to the finances you can afford as the client, yet solicitors are not always defined by the size of their billing rate. Some aspects are intangible and here is where you can identify a voice for you in a court of law that you can trust.

Personal Understanding and Empathy


Do not expect all family lawyers in Sydney to show any degree of empathy or human emotion of any kind. At the end of the day this is a job for them as they are tasked with solving similar cases on a weekly basis. However, for you as the client, experiencing a divorce or child custody fight is not just part and parcel of the job and there has to be a reliable sounding board offered where a degree of empathy and understanding is showcased. The solicitor does not have to be emotional (this is a disadvantage), but they should illustrate a portion of compassion for your circumstances.

Diligent Communication


The best family lawyers in Sydney will continue to be diligent with their communication to ensure their client is kept up to speed on every development that comes by their desk. From emails to phone calls, in-person consultations and text messages, solicitors who score well with their community are those that are transparent and practice quality communication skills. It is also not only the amount of communication but the manner of it as well, with the tone remaining positive, enthusiastic and forthright at all times.



Your legal representative must ensure that every document, piece of paperwork and application has been filed correctly. Not only are family lawyers in Sydney tasked with ticking every box required by their client, but they should also be skilled in monitoring the diligence of the opposition as well regarding the other spouse. It can be one minor detail that separates a won case from a lost one and here is where an eye for detail really counts.

Advocating Conciliatory Approach


Heading to court for a hearing or a trial is an incredibly costly exercise and even if the client wins, the final bill could send the party bankrupt as a result. Any one of the family lawyers in Sydney that have any degree of care for their client will advocate for a conciliatory approach that attempts to avoid court at all costs. Not only will the emotional toll be high if the conflict reaches that point, but financially there could be no return. Monitor how any of the family lawyers in Sydney promote themselves in this regard as you scour the names and brands from various firms.



So there we have a list of assets that defines the best family lawyers in Sydney going around. Speak with friends, family members, colleagues and other parties who will have experienced different operators in the city before and gauge which firm can provide the family lawyers in Sydney that can win a case on your behalf.