You might have been told one day that you have what it takes to be a good lawyer. Perhaps it was standing up for someone and arguing their point of view or researching all the facts for a story in a classroom.


Whatever the case maybe, there are some clear and distinct personality traits that will help a lawyer who has a passion for justice and performing in a courtroom.


Here we will discuss some of those characteristics that will provide a pathway to becoming a quality solicitor. They do not guarantee success in isolation as the hard graft will have to be undertaken, but they will ensure that you have the right platform to begin your journey.



There will be times as a solicitor is working on a case that new evidence will emerge, either falling on the positive or negative side for their line of argument. The ability to think on the go and develop new strategies can be taught to a degree, but there is an inherent instinct that defines the good operators from the great ones. Some of this element when it comes to instinct revolves around a capacity to read individuals like a game of poker. Having a citizen on the stand or in a position to be cross-examined, can they source the truth and the right type of testimony from them?

Strong Argumentative Skills


Far be it for lawyers to be criticised in social circles for always arguing their point and desperately needing to be right; these are assets that are vital in a courtroom and not a dining table. The art of debating takes more than yelling and pushing a line towards the opposing side. It requires an ability to point out the failings of the opposition and to use the facts in your own favour. Cases are won when lawyers can frame an argument from their perspective and to achieve this, there needs to be a competitive desire to win this micro battle as part of the macro war that is taking place.

Stickler For Details


A small typo here or an amended condition there could make the difference between a case that is won or lost. These minor details that are identified and used to your benefit in a court of law become not so minor in the grander scheme of a live case. There has to be an appreciation and hunger to ensure that all details fall in your favour, or an ability to frame other details in a context that can be explained.