Buying a new car can be an exciting experience. For many new car owners, the exhilaration of driving a new car can quickly become a disappointment when you find that your car requires many repairs and must be taken to the dealer for manufacturer recalls. Often, when new car owners experience these repeat events with their new car, a claim is filed under the Lemon Law, wherein car owners request refund of the purchase price or a replacement of the entire vehicle.

If you find that your car requires many repairs, and if the vehicle is classified as a “lemon” under The Lemon Law, then the steps to obtain your refund or replacement will often require that you go through a Lemon Law arbitration proceeding. While arbitration can be a frightening experience, most individuals who go through arbitration come out with their needs being met and so it is simply a matter of procedure. As a new car consumer, it is important, however, that you are well prepared for the arbitration on your care replacement or refund request.

During Lemon Law arbitration, you can expect the arbitrator will hear both sides of the story so you will want to have as much written documentation about your car as you possibly can. Ideally, if you can supply brochures or sales documents about the vehicle, this will help to support your expectations about vehicle performance prior to your purchase. Of course, all service records for your vehicle should also be provided, in writing, during arbitration.

Your arbitration hearing will occur during a few hours on one day followed by a 60 day time span in which the arbitrator will review all of the documentation and make a decision about your case. While you can continue to drive the car during this period of time, your case will be far more positively supported if you opt to discontinue using the new care entirely, or until the arbitrator has reached a final decision.

New car purchases can be fun and exciting but much excitement can be lost when you find that your new car requires many repairs and does not perform the way it was advertised to perform. If you feel your car is a car that should be fully replaced, or the purchase price should be refunded, be sure to file a claim under the Lemon Law and request arbitration as part of the routine process in getting replacement of your new vehicle.