A divorce is a stressful enough experience without having to burden serious legal fees. This is the spiral that some individuals end up facing when confronting this matter through the courts and legal proceedings. Yet if you believe this is the right course of action, then you should be equipped to save money where possible if there is a chance that a case will extend beyond your means to finance the case.


With anything like this, it is always advised to run your own cost benefit analysis and take stock to see if legal action is right and if you have the means to proceed. A lawyer should flag the possibility of reaching a divorce settlement during a consultation to avoid court altogether.


Whether that does or does not occur, there are steps you can take to protect yourself as those legal bills are issued.

Read Agreement Terms Carefully


The first step you should undertake in these instances is reading up and being aware of all of the details and stipulations that are involved with a solicitor’s billing requirements. From transport to meetings, attendances, researching and communications, a legal professional can bill for a series of regular tasks. The type of agreement will also vary from either an hourly rate to a retainer depending on the profile of the firm and the expertise of the lawyer.

Be Diligent With Requests


If a lawyer asked for documentation that helps to prove your case and fast tracks their own research duties, then answer those prompts as soon as humanly possible. The longer you wait and fail to respond to requests, the more hours they can bill as the process drags out further. Handle these matters with urgency because the investment could expand beyond your means.

Do Not Contact Lawyer For All Questions


Seek other council when it comes to questions that are not entirely about legalities. Lawyers are not divorce therapists, only legal experts. Leave those questions just for consultations and seek family members of friends for other advice.

Undertake Some Logistical Tasks Yourself


There are some basic tasks that lawyers will bill for that you can undertake yourself to save on that cost. The most common in this instance is printing and by making photocopies of documents, a solicitor should be appreciative and aware that you are willing to extend yourself for the sake of keeping costs at a minimum.