Something that is equally dreadful as going through a divorce is the pain of choosing the right divorce lawyer. If you are aiming to wrap up the divorce as soon as possible, with your sanity and dignity intact, then going through lawyer after lawyer is really not an option. It could end up both emotionally and financially taxing to you.

So, do you really need a divorce lawyer? Your partner might already have a skilled attorney, specialized in divorces, giving him counsel. If you do not have a legal background and is not very familiar with the divorce laws and procedures of your state, then you might get cheated out of what you really deserve.

So here are 5 points to keep in your mind while choosing a divorce lawyer.

What kind of divorce you need?

If the divorce is fairly peaceful, and you and your soon-to-be ex-partner can come to an agreement on your own, you can choose an arbitrator. If you both need a little push to agree to certain finer points, you can use the service of a mediator.

If you both are finding it hard to reach a consensus but still would like to keep the divorce out of court, you can opt for collaborative divorce, for this you would work with your attorneys, but a contract to keep matters civil will be in place. If none of this works, you need a proper divorce attorney.

Do your research properly

You have many online resources available today to check the credibility of a lawyer. Use them wisely. There are many websites that rate and review attorneys. You can check out the profiles of different divorce lawyers in your locality. While doing so, make note of their area of specialization, how long they have been practicing law, their success rate etc.


Do not straight for the first choice

You will be tempted to jump on to the divorce attorney who looks ideal. But, hold your horses. You need to make sure that, the attorney you have chosen can be trusted implicitly. If you are not able to trust your lawyer or can’t agree with him, your case might fall apart in court. You could end up losing your home, possessions, even your children. So, have an interview with at least three divorce attorneys before choosing one. The person you chose should be able to represent your case and concerns in the best possible way.

Can you afford it?

You need to have a clear picture about the total cost of the divorce.Attorneys are basically businessmen. They may not always look out for your best interests. Divorce attorneys are often paid at hourly rate. Your attorney fees combined with court costs should not bankrupt you in the end. It is always advisable to have a written contract with your divorce attorney.

Bite the bullet

A seasoneddivorce attorney will have a good track record, will listen to and understand your concerns properly, will work with you to get the best outcome, in the shortest time possible, at an affordable fee. When you at last manage to find someone, who fit all your criteria, take a leap of faith and choose that person.