Whether you’ve purchased glass bongs before or you’re planning on purchase your first one, it can be overwhelming trying to make a choice.

There are so many various styles, sizes, and accessories for bongs these days that it may be a little intimidating.

The best way to buy them

Good glass bongs can make a big difference to the smoking experience. Maybe you want to take greater rips, or maybe you don’t want your clouds to bother your neighbours? Looking for something mellower and less strenuous since you have delicate lungs?

Everything you need to know about buying glass bongs will be laid out for you so that you can make an informed decision.

The best part is that you won’t waste money on something that isn’t right for you if you know precisely what to buy and what not to buy.

Find out how to pick a bong that’s right for you in the next paragraphs. However, the first step in choosing the correct bong is to get familiar with the various bong sizes.


Glass bongs to choose

In today’s cannabis market, there are so many bong varieties and add-ons to choose from that it may be difficult to sort out what is necessary and what isn’t. It’s a fact that the bong size that best suits one’s daily routine depends on personal choice. Mini bongs may be perfect if you’re always on the go, while bigger bongs may be better if you’re more of a homebody and like to relax at home.

It doesn’t matter which way you look at it; our guide is here to help you choose the perfect glass bongs.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of each of the three distinct bong sizes on the market? Let’s have a look at the various sizes of bongs:

Mini Bongs:

Because of their compact size, mini bongs are great for taking with you while you’re on the road. Because of their small weight, they’re an excellent choice for smokers who like to keep their habits under wraps. It isn’t only little bongs that are popular.

Smaller glass pieces have two drawbacks, such as reduced airflow and harder impacts, which may make the experience less enjoyable. A lack of enough airflow in these little bongs results in harsher hits, which may be blamed on the fact that the smoke isn’t properly filtered.

Medium-Sized Bongs:

The word “medium bong” refers to a size that falls in between a small and a large bong. On average, a medium bong’s height ranges from 10-14″ – too large to be considered discreet or even travel-friendly but smaller than a large bong.

Large-sized Bongs:

In spite of the fact that they are bulkier and less portable than smaller bongs, large glass bongs are perfect for home usage. This is the greatest bong to purchase since it provides the best airflow and filtration.


The cleanest and purest tasting hits may be found in glass bongs, which are the most popular bong materials on the market. Borosilicate glass makes up the vast majority of glass bongs. This kind of glass is more resistant to temperature fluctuations and thermal stress, making it ideal for long-term use.

Glass bongs are unique in that they may be used in a variety of ways. Add-ons like multiple water chambers, ash catchers, downstems, percolators, and even splash guards are possible because of this.

Acrylic bongs are incredibly affordable and available in a wide variety of colours and patterns. To top it all off, they’re almost indestructible.

Ceramic bongs are less susceptible to cracks and distortions over time since they don’t have a lot of delicate pieces.