Contrary to popular belief family lawyers are not just divorce lawyers. Divorce is one of the major practice areas of family lawyers in Sydney. Family law encompasses a host of legal issues that concerns family.

Let us examine what a family lawyer in Sydney does.

Divorce and Separation

This is one of the most widely known aspect of family law. Family lawyers of Sydney provides legal counsel to people who are separated from their spouses on how to take care of their finances, assets and children in light of the upcoming divorce.

De facto relationships

Family law in Australia recognizes de facto relationships. It is the relationship between two people who live together without being formally married. Family lawyers in Sydney provide guidance for couples in de facto relationships to find their way through property settlement, child custody and support, and other related issues.

Child care and protection service


Family lawyers of Sydney provide legal counsel to parents, children and others on the well being and protection of children, if they are having any concerns about the safety of a child or young person in their family or under their care.

Child support

Another important legal issue handled by the lawyers of Sydney who are specialized in family law is child support. Child support is the amount of money paid to the primary caretaker of a child. Family lawyers help their clients in assessing the amount of money they should pay or receive depending on the situation.

Child Custody

Breakdown of a relationship is a very complex; having children makes divorce proceedings even more complicated. Family lawyers in Sydney provide advice and representation to parents to find the most suitable caring arrangement for children by keeping their welfare in mind.

Property Settlement

Division of properties, assets, heirlooms, income, debt and other financial resources is always a sore spot among separated couples. Sometimes they end up in long-winded legal battles over trivial things. Lawyers who practice family law in Sydney help their clients to achieve best possible outcomes regarding the division of properties.

Spousal maintenance

Spousal maintenance is another major aspect of family law in Australia. It is the amount of money paid to or received from spouse. People often require expert legal guidance not to be cheated out of what they deserve. Family lawyers in Sydney specializes in this aspect of family law.

Family Dispute Resolution Service

Family lawyers of Sydney provide Family Dispute Resolution service. Going through a long court case can be emotionally as well as financially draining. Sometimes, people prefer to resolve their outside of the court. Family Dispute Resolution involves settling the differences between the parties concerned through mediation.

Domestic Violence

Victims of domestic violence are specially protected by the family law of Australia. Family lawyers in Sydney practices in the area of domestic violence to help the victims to get justice. According to Australian family law, you don’t have to undergo actual violence to be considered a victim. Fear or threat of violence is enough to seek protection from domestic violence.